Dr. Green was a rock band formed in the fall of 2004 in Burlington, VT.  They created original Rock and Roll music for ten years and have played all across the country including venues like CBGBs (NYC), The Viper Room (LA), Nectars (VT), The Middle East (MA) and the Wine Bar (NYC).  They have released four albums over the years, including Dr. Green Live (2005), Meat and Potatoes (2005), Illuminati Holiday (2006), Outcast (2011), as well as many other EPs and singles such as Desert Son (2008) recorded with producer Shawn Drew.  After two years of recording and touring the north east, the band relocated to Los Angeles where they continued recording and playing for two years.  In 2010 the band relocated back to Burlington, VT where bass player Dave DeCristo opened the recording studio and venue Signal Kitchen

Derek Siegler- Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dave DeCristo- Vocals, Bass
Dan Smith- Drums



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