Free Music Friday 

Help yourself to a couple brand new tracks for making it through the week.  Inspired from a trip to New Zealand last year, these tracks show some love for travel and adventure and the beauty of expanding our world view.Read more

It's Studio Time!

Well it has been almost two years since the release of These Nameless Days. I have been back in the studio at Northern Track Studio in Wilmington, VT.  The first mixes are coming through the internet to my ears andRead more


Let's get better.  Here is a song for those who at times have, or are, struggling with themselves. Stay strong, be good, and know there is lots of LOVE in the world for you. See you soon with new music!


It has been some time, but I have been sitting on this track without being able to move.  For a while I thought words would come to describe the feelings I have every day when I hear about the floodRead more

Daughter Of The Evening 

Check it out.....New music!  I know it has been too long, but I have been working on new Dr. Green material and all those other things I do.   Here is something to soothe those cold dark winter blues.  Catch Dr.Read more

Jasper's Jam 

Hey all, thanks for tuning in. Here is a new track made for those who like to move. Especially my little nephew Mr. Jasper Wade.  Good luck and dance till you can't stand.  Hope to see you all out at…Read more